Listen To Qwiet Type’s Latest Single “I Want More”

In “I Want More,” Qwiet Type portrays different worlds and universes. Show up without fear since the protection boundary is enabled and you will be an observer in the events; after all, playing with threats will be in your own danger. 

Qwiet Type’s gorgeous vocals slowly lead us into memories while being accompanied by spine-tingling harmonies, serving as a superb example of his original yet skillfully produced approach to lyricism.

The Florida-based composer and performer Matt Powell, also known by his stage name Qwiet Type, has been blowing up streaming services with a distinctive mashup of indie rock and upbeat electropop. His clear vocals, which span relaxing, ecstatic melodies across enticing rhythms, are reminiscent of pop great Phil Collins and are influenced by a wide range of genres.

Qwiet Type encourages listeners to endure difficult times till the good times come again with energetic compositions and upbeat lyrics.

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