Check Out “PEACEFUL HORIZONS” By Interdisciplinary Artist MIKO SPINELLI

Songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, and DJ MIKO SPINELLI has dropped his latest track “PEACEFUL HORIZONS.” This rhythmic piece conveys electronic, house, pop, soul, and ethereal and dreamy undertones.

The Milan-born artist, who has 20 years of industry experience, presently resides in London and works with several up-and-coming artists, including African Boy, Mista Silva, Komo, Jaye Moni, Dizzy VC, and others. 

Throughout Shoreditch/East London, Milan, and New York, the talented DJ and producer pushed his music. Additionally, the indie British crime movie Brash Young Turks utilized Spinelli’s tunes.

Currently, Spinelli is working on a solo album that may feature a number of significant collaborations. Additionally, he introduced a brand-new apparel line under his own name that attracted a lot of interest.

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Listen to “Peaceful Horizons” below: