Bladee Presents His Forthcoming Album ‘Spiderr’ and Drops The New Video For “Drain Story”

Swedish rapper and record producer shares the first song from his forthcoming album Spiderr. “Drain Story” is accompanied by a video directed by Ecco2k, who has collaborated with Bladee in the artistic project Drain Gang that focuses on music and fashion. The two have also previously worked together on the album Crest.

The clip shot in front of a sign that says Stockholm is produced by Whitearmor. With its fast-paced editing cuts and transitions, the music video for “Drain Story” brings about a state of dizziness and psychedelia. Bladee strolls the streets singing: “Can’t fit in with the normies/ If being drainy is a sin, Lord, forgive me.“

After releasing 333 in 2020, Bladee shared his joint project with Mechatok in 2021. Following Good Luck and The Fool, which came out last May, Spiderr is expected to come out on September 30, 2022 via Year 0001. 

Check the full tracklist of Spiderr below:

  1. Understatement
  2. Its OK Not To Be OK 
  3. I Am Slowly But Surely Losing Hope
  4. Icarus 3reestyle 
  5. Nothingg [ft. Wondha Mountain] 
  6. Blue Crush Angel 
  7. Disaster Prelude [ft. Ecco2k] 
  8. Hahah 
  9. Drain Story 
  10. Velociraptor 
  11. Dresden ER 
  12. She’s Always Dancing 
  13. Uriel Outro

Watch the video for “Drain Story” here: