Chris Youmans Drops Atmospheric Heartbreak Anthem «Heart of a Lie»

Chris Youmans unveils his latest release, the atmospheric heartbreak anthem titled “Heart of a Lie.” Inspired by icons like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Donny Hathaway, and Whitney Houston, Youmans has been close to music since the age of five years old, when he first started playing the guitar. In 2015, Chris Youmans earned the Eisner Prize for outstanding achievement in music.

A few years ago, Youmans moved to Los Angeles to further increase his opportunities in music. Living in LA, he was greatly inspired by the city’s queer scene, which led him to create his upcoming EP titled Electric Love Connection. The singles, “DANSE”, “Too Close”, and now “Heart of a Lie,” will all be part of his highly-anticipated upcoming EP. 

The ever-surprising and restless creative Chris Youmans is an ever-evolving artist who loves to push boundaries in the realm of pop music, and his latest hit “Heart of a Lie” is the most vivid proof for just that!