Lukka Has Released Yet Another Outstanding Single “Business”

All the way from New York, rock group Lukka has dropped a track titled “Business.” They have created the ideal track with a flawless fusion of alluring hooks, dreamy vocals, and hypnotically smooth guitar riffs.

The instrumental for the single is upbeat, but it also captures our attention for the exquisite details it contains. The usage of guitars and strings highlights the bubbly, breezy tone that gives the song a vivacious vibe. On a long, summertime car ride, the tune is the ideal track to listen to with the windows down. 

“Business” is driven by energetic, zealous keys. The additional beats of synth-laden effervescence playing amiably against the dapper vocal disposition just add the needed spice and everything nice to this exquisite single!

NYC’s experimental rock group Lukka combines ’80s synth sounds with psychedelic delay guitars to give us original and contemporary tracks. “Business” was inspired by Tame Impala’s song “Elephant”. Lukka always wanted to create a track similar to that.

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