David Green Drops A Stunning New Single “Pyrite”

The crossover sound of “Pyrite” is certain to go worldwide, and link Green with new fans all around the world. From the extraordinary beauty in the music & vocals to the tremendously affecting hooks & Green’s unmistakable charm.

David’s hypnotic voice and the superb drumming skills of OK Go’s Daniel Konopka give “Pyrite” what it takes to win over all the lovers and dreamers who are listening. This song was expertly produced by Gabe Lopez to give it its stellar dynamics and warm glow.

David Green is known as a very promising new musician because to his unpretentious kind of piano-based electro-pop. The Los Angeles-based musician has been putting out songs since 2018, honed his distinctive voice, and expanding as a performer with each new song. 

Now that his most appealing work has been scheduled for release in 2022 and beyond, David is in a position to soar to new heights and have a significant influence on the contemporary music scene.

David Green can be found on Spotify