Courtney Govan Releases New Single “Stay Still”

Courtney Govan, a young LGBTQ indie pop musician, has released her reflective new song, “Stay Still.” The song exhorts listeners to resist the allures of solitude and venture outside of our mental health fortresses in order to experience a pleasure.

“Stay Still,” a glistening synth and guitar tune, takes a Robyn-like approach to the opposing feelings. Govan combines the two sections of “Stay Still.” She combines a neon-tinged banger and a song about feeling alone and unimportant into a vivacious, electro-tinged anxiety anthem that explores the overstimulation felt in the digital era. 

Govan gives a straightforward reminder that self-care is never selfish and is a gift we can only get from ourselves, reflecting the humanistic approach to songwriting that has become her trademark.