Listen To “HomewarD BounD” By K.tothe.A.Y.

East Coast musician K.tothe.A.Y. has dropped his latest piece of art titled “HomewarD BounD.” The single is incorporated with different style influences ranging from the tight edge of Hip-Hop to the soft grooves of RnB and the vibes of Afrobeat/Afropop.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, K.tothe.A.Y. refuses to limit the possibilities of his songwriting.

Speaking about the single, K.tothe.A.Y. mentioned:

“This tracks to describe how we feel when we going through tough situation. I think we feel alone sometimes when we live in this world, this song helps in guiding you through that experience.”

The single is gaining traction on Spotify as we speak! With thousands of streams already, K.tothe.A.Y. is elevating to the top of the charts. 

With a characteristic sound that falls somewhere between the warmth and melody of the most soulful and instinctual RnB, as well as the hands-on approach of Afrobeat, this exceptional musician goes for the kill, with personal, vivid, expressive, and original lyrics.

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