Listen To “I Feel Like A Loser” By Zoey Leven

Singer-songwriter Zoey Leven has released yet another dreamy pop/indie single titled “I Feel Like A Loser.” The powerful bass and percussion work well with the swimmy, chorus-laden guitar tones, and slacker vocals.

With writer’s block and feeling unproductive, the fresh new tune, “I Feel Like A Loser,” was formed out of self-deprecation and guilt. Writing a song about not feeling cool at all, ironically, boosted her confidence.

The single is also accompanied by a visualizer that conveys the outstanding artist singing “I Feel Like A Loser” in a bathtub.

Rising high up the charts, Zoey Leven is a Vancouver-based artist who is 21 years old. She writes and produces the majority of her own songs. Zoey is a proud member of the LGBT community, and her experience in the awkward phases of young adulthood reflects in her music. 

Zoey aspires to offer a voice for the LGBTQ+ community and anyone attempting to find their home, inspired by teenage memories and the uncomfortable stages of becoming adulthood.

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Stream “I Feel Like A Loser” below.