JMSEY and Beck Pete Collaborate on “I’ll Be Okay”

Asian-American multi-instrumentalist JMSEY has teamed up with indie-pop act Beck Pete to create “I’ll Be Okay.” The song depicts both sides of a post-breakup feeling, the shattered and the resentful, by intertwining gentle and rough sounds. While it may seem like a conventional post-relationship blues ballad, “I’ll Be Okay” deftly digs into the complexity of the current dating scene, which is fueled by new relationship patterns.

“I’ll Be Okay” is a sincere, gripping, and one-of-a-kind song that highlights JMSEY and Beck’s connection and harmony. It combines turbulent interpersonal wrath with fragile shattered sentiments while maintaining a pleasant lively mood. They feed off each other’s energy, allowing them to glow brighter than ever before.

The unwitting couple masters their on-screen chemistry in a delightful and endlessly compelling music video in which the two aren’t romantically engaged at all, but rather two best friends delighting in their ride-or-die temperament and supporting each other through their own distinct romantic adventures.

“I’ll Be Okay” sees two musicians in their respective musical prime bounce off each other masterfully, portraying heartbreak and healing with an explosive synthesis of both their styles.

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