Jennie Harluk Drops An Alternative Pop Single “She’s Got You”

While she defines herself as being extremely honest about her sentiments, Jennie Harluk acknowledges that she sometimes wishes she didn’t act so swiftly on them. In her latest release, “She’s Got You,” Harluk sings about the person she wishes she could be in this song. 

“She’s Got You” is a song about heartbreak, but Jennie also shows us another alter ego that she would want to be at times.

Harluk lays absolute scorchers like “she seems nice, we look alike, and I know that’s just your type” over the joyful pop soundtrack, revealing the sad sentiments hiding beneath her words.

The single is accompanied by a cinematic music video that conveys home videos that depict hazy nostalgia for a previous love connection. Despite the tune and video reflecting the grief and agony of a break-up, Harluk provides a ray of optimism, demonstrating how pain will always cease.

Jennie Harluk and music are a union made in heaven. The teenage singer-songwriter has been perfecting her talent for years and is now ready to break through. She is an artist at heart and is involved in every step of the process, including writing, composing, and producing. This deep understanding gained from a musical background is paying off as she prepares for a new step in the spotlight.

Her music ranges from exquisite ballads that radiate sorrow and are extremely personal, to exuberant dance numbers that are absolutely ecstatic and catchy, and she is inspired by Taylor Swift and Julia Michaels.

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Listen to “She’s Got You” below.