Queenie Lasoul Talks Life And Music In A New Interview

Queenie Lasoul recently came out with a new song called “Nice Like Ouu”, another beautiful Rap piece with minimalistic musical arrangement and a strong message of self-confidence and empowerment. The artist has been busy working on her upcoming album The KickBack EP which her fans cannot wait to hear! With hundreds of thousands of streams and tons of positive feedback pouring in, we simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to interview this rising star. Read what Queenie had to say down below!

When and how did you discover your love for Rap music?

I think growing up in Brooklyn as a kid had a huge influence on my love for HipHop music. Listening to HipHop as a kid was as normal to me as eating. 

Walk us through your day as an artist. Are there any habits or small rituals that help you start your day more productively?

I try to clear my mind and make sure I’m in a positive space. When I’m writing I try to think about how I am feeling in the moment and write about it. 

It’s been rumoured that you’re going to drop a full EP soon. What can you tell us about this project?

Writing “The KickBack” was my way of kicking back or fighting for happiness. Each song is a representation of a specific type of love displayed on a melting pot of genres.  I speak on my past, life experiences, self love, relationships, goals… I would like the project to help when you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious and be used like a remote that allows you to pause those feelings and experience something else. Regrouping is important and is my way of kicking back or fighting for my overall health.

What is the most exciting aspect of being an independent artist?

The most exciting part about being an artist is connecting with the people whether it’s shows, studio sessions or communicating with listeners overseas. It feels so special to be able to share each other’s existence in a positive way.

Your audience has been loving “Track 3” and your recent “Nice Like Ouu”. What unites these two tracks and what is it that makes them distinct message-wise?

What they have in common is that both tracks are songs of manifestation. “Nice Like Ouu” is manifesting confidence, and track 3 is manifesting goals and positive energy. 

Have you ever performed live? If yes, what was your first experience like and how far do you believe you’ve come?

Yes, I have, my first experience was my brother telling me that he signed me up for an open mic, and I had to perform a song instead of poetry. I was so nervous but I got through it, and thank God because the crowd seemed to like the performance. I’ve come so far since then I’ve had several show opportunities and I’ve learned so much from each one. 

What’s your biggest, wildest dream?

One of my biggest dreams is to have the financial freedom to help myself and others. I would really like to invest, inspire, love  and enjoy myself while doing it.

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