Vinny Lunar Brings Us “Jumpin’” Featuring Low Beams

With the release of their brand-new tune Jumpin’, Australian musicians Vinny Lunar and Low Beams have joined forces. The vocals on this track are provided by Lunar, and the music is provided by Low Beams. It has an electro-funk/contemporary rap flavor.

Low Beams’ captivating composition has challenging pounding, old-school synths, and strong melodies. Because it concentrates on longing and its pleasures, everything in it, starting with the heard tone, is pleasurable.

The hypnotic electronic and house-inspired production, which includes hard-hitting percussion, vintage synthesizers, and driving basslines, supports Vinny’s flowing, melodic rap vocals and R&B hooks and creates a soundscape reminiscent of Kaytranada and Goldlink.

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