Blaikz Marc Kiss And Robin White Come Together To Create “abcdefu”

Blaikz, Marc Kiss, and Robin White have collaborated and released “abcdefu.” The latest track is a feel-good track that features the artists’ signature style; futuristic outstanding layers lay an excellent foundation for the catchy melody the pristine and crisp processed vocals provide, along with the chord progression of the synth, maintain the perfect balance of the track’s easy-listening and stimulating experience.

“abcdefu” reaches our ears to go through our entire system, until it reaches the heart and floods us with that smooth rhythm, a sound that is phenomenal, transporting us to feel all those emotions embodied throughout this single. 

Sven Schwarz, better known as Blaikz, had a long career in the music industry. After spending several years working as a ghost producer for other artists, he started his own project named “Blaikz” in 2014. The 33-year-old, who is from Düsseldorf, Germany, has already had a lot of success with his initiatives. 

Currently, Blaikz has released music on labels including Soave, LoudKult, OneSeven, Disco:Wax, Magic, Nitro, Future House Cloud, Viventas, Tough Stuff, Golden Chocolate, and WePlay/TonSpiel, reaching over 40 million listens on Spotify alone. Along with producing remixes for musicians like Lizot, Klaas, Le Shuuk, Mike Candys, Gestört aber GeiL, and many more, he collaborated with artists like Crystal Rock, Kaluma, Basti M, Calmani & Grey.

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