Pinkfiz Releases “On Your Knees”

Pinkfiz is the epitome of fierce feminism.

Her rage over unfair events transforms the symbol of thriving female empowerment into unbreakable rock perfection. She uses her home studio to record songs that inspire euphoria, give listeners the confidence to express all of their grievances, and encourage others.

Listeners may experience a genuinely astonishing world of rockability and opulent lyrical beauty with her most recent hit, “On Your Knees.” The song is flawless, and captivating with her thoughts and profound melody.

Pinkfiz explains,

“The story behind this song is about putting myself first, and instead of being the victim to people, I am giving myself the power to become their «villain». It’s basically a power trip ego song to make people feel the power in themselves and let them know that they shouldn’t let anyone limit them or change themselves for someone else.”

She uses her rebellious rhythms, rumbling basslines, and gripping guitar riffs to produce a single that exasperates her genuine pop-rock strength, showcasing themes of resonant resistance and wrath like no other.

Check out “On Your Knees” below.