Drake Earns His 30th Top Five Hit Surpassing The Beatles For The Most Hits Of All Time

The Beatles no longer hold the record for most Top Five singles. “Staying Alive” instated Drake the title of the artist with the most Top Five singles on the US’ Billboard Hot 100 chart.

DJ Khaled’s “Staying Alive” featuring Lil Baby, made its debut at No. 5 at Billboard Hot 100 chart, earning Drake his 30th Top Five single. The song samples Bee Gees’ popular disco hit “Staying Alive” and comes off of Drake’s seventh album Honestly, Nevermind.

If you rap it, then it becomes true. In 2019, Drake uttered “I got more slaps than the Beatles” on “Going Bad,” well now he really does. “Best I Ever Had” was the first to make the list, which was followed by “Thank Me Later.” Drake’s collaborative work with Rihanna on “What’s My Name?” landed the artist his first ever No.1 hit.

In total, the Canadian rapper has had 11 number one singles, eight number two singles, four singles that made it to No. 3, three in the top four position, and another five singles at No. 5.

Drake was busy the week “Staying Alive” came out. He was on stage with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne in Toronto and had recently dropped the music video for his new solo “Sticky.”