Ahnwar Yancey’s “Everything U Need” Music Video Is An Ode For Women Who Deserve Better

Ahnwar Yancey dedicates the music video for “Everything U Need” to all the women he has mistreated. The singer-songwriter reveals; “To be honest, there have been times when I have been a major scum bag to the woman who is now my wife, and even before her, other women too… So, this was an ode from men like me to women who deserve better.”

Shot by SHEESH Network, the “Everything U Need” video is directed by Von Walker and produced by Denascia Salley. At its core, the song is about asking for forgiveness. Yancey unfolds how he came up with the idea; “This was my first attempt at creating a narrative that matches the lyrics to the song, and not just doing performance shots. Creating visuals that complement your audio is harder than it seems.” Underlying moral and family values, the story follows a couple going through difficult times. The relationship gradually falls apart as the man of the house cannot manage his work-life balance . 

Ahnwar Yancey expresses gratitude and appreciation, first to God and then to his supporters. The artist praises the Lord for granting him his gift and knows that none of it would be possible without God and Jesus. Yancey strongly believes in giving back to the community and spreading good work. He partnered  with the church to give young indie artists the opportunity to record music without paying high studio costs, allowing them to fulfill their dreams. 

Influenced by stars like Mahalia Jackson, Donny Hathaway, Luciano Pavarotti, Prince, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Scarface, UGK, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, Yancey doesn’t want to conform to what gospel music is supposed to sound like. Ahnwar describes his music as “unapologetically” himself. The “Everything U Need” singer wants to go beyond the norms; blending different instruments, chords, tempos and arrangements and creating songs that he would personally like to hear on the radio.

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