Nicki Minaj Is Back With “Super Freaky Girl”

By digging and flipping Sir Mix-A-“Baby Got Back,” Nicki Minaj’s 2014 blockbuster “Anaconda” delighted the many listeners who were already familiar with the vintage classic. It also exposed the song to a new generation. 

As a spiritual sequel to “Anaconda,” “Super Freaky Girl” samples Rick James’ “Super Freak” right away before letting Minaj gleefully revive its sexy funk with sexual innuendo and a flow that understands when to speed up and when to truly hit a joke. 

Minaj, who is an expert at songs like “Super Freaky Girl,” makes a triumphant comeback.

In addition to a record-breaking Spotify debut, “Super Freaky Girl” had global success on iTunes by taking the top place on the charts in the United States and Canada and making it into the Top 100 in a number of other nations, including Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia.