Up And Rising Star HOLLISS Is Back With A New Single “Timeless”

Following her debut single, “Mental Pictures,” HOLLISS is back with another hit!

The latest track is titled “Timeless” and is garnering traction as we speak! With more than 50 thousand streams on Spotify already! “Timeless” is a tribute to all the enduring, devoted relationships we need to appreciate and it captures the joyous moments that make it all worthwhile. 

This energetic love song is surrounded by catchy pop melodies with nice guitar riffs, steady percussion, a funky beat, and rich synthesizers that provide an overall happy, feel-good atmosphere ideal for those carefree days with your special someone.

HOLLISS’s gorgeous vocals are showcased throughout the song and it does not disappoint. 

Speaking about the song, Holliss mentioned:

Timeless is all about pursuing that slow and steady kind of love in a fast-paced world. We live in an age where dating can happen in an instant with the swipe of a finger, but staying in love has no shortcut. Staying in love over the course of a lifetime is a timeless treasure to hold. This song captures the blissful moments that make it all worthwhile. I got engaged shortly before this writing session, so naturally, I wanted to talk about love and all of the things that I hoped our future would be. This song celebrates the simple meaningful moments that make up the ingredients to an everlasting love.

HOLLISS’s singles are those pieces of art that give you a good mood. Make sure you check out the latest single below.

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