Måneskin’s “On The Road” Series Lands On YouTube

Måneskin shared the first episode of their YouTube series “On The Road.” The small preview caption introduces: “Four loud kids, the biggest festival stages in the world, thousands of screaming fans.” The celebrated artists invite their fans to get on the road with them.

The series gives a sneak preview of the Italian rock band’s life on the road, behind-the-scenes footage, and the sound checks during their summer festivals. The 26-minute video focuses on Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi, and Ethan Torchio’s playful moments as they show off their hidden sports and games skills. They’ve warned their fans: “Don’t sleep on this ‘cause you will laugh. A lot lot.”

Måneskin will be rocking the stages of Japan and Brazil at Summer Sonic and Rock In Rio festivals. Ever since their Eurovision win, the young rockers have been taking the world by storm, breaking records, topping the charts, and performing at the most prestigious scenes. They will also kick off their North American tour in Seattle around Halloween.