Indie Band ATTA BOY Release A New Lyric Video For “Boys”

Indie/Pop band ATTA BOY dropped a new lyric video for their latest track “Boys.” The LA based group has Dashel Thompson on piano, Freddy Reish on guitar, Lewis Pullman on drums, and Eden Brolin as the lead singer.

Combining the cheerful guitar sounds with nostalgic gloomy melodies, “Boys” is in reality the perfect depiction of the band members, who have their set of worries, fears, and dreams. The song was written by putting together five things that make the bandmates happy. 

The lyrics clearly manifest that feeling of belonging and being a part of something collective: “And his mortality sit side by side Friday night and chat/A little of this and a little of that/Don’t let me die, but forget the past/Looking for a cure, picks up the phone if he’s unsure/Three-in-the-morning-heaven-on-earth/ Don’t know you well, but I know your worth/I don’t get run down ‘cause I know that I’ve got you guys/ Never know the deal between here and goodbye.”

“Boys” follows the release of Atta Boy’s second album Big Heart Matters and their debut Out of Sorts.