Up-and-Coming Indie Artist James Eastwood Stirs Interest With Recent Tracks

Promising Indie/Pop artist James Eastwood shares a set of new songs off of his EP Uncertainty. He’s won over music fans and captured the attention of the industry for his unique compositions, relaxing rhythms, and sincere lyrics. Eastwood’s soothing vocals engage the listeners and take them on a beautiful melodic journey.

James Eastwood is a singer/songwriter with a rich discography incorporating various sounds and genres. His debut EP Curiosity Equals Insanity reminds us of the Indie rock genre, while The Lamentations has more electric guitars and acoustic sounds that focus more on Indie/Folk music.

The rising artist began his career performing with his band Shona in 2001. James Eastwood now continues his journey as a solo artist releasing an interesting tracklist from his most recent EP Uncertainty, which includes four songs: “Jealousy,” “So Beautiful,” “This Is Life,” and “Uncertainty.”