Watch The Weeknd’s New “How Do I Make You Love Me?” Video

The Weeknd is back with another visual for Dawn FM.

The Weeknd has released a new music video for his Dawn FM single “How Do I Make You Love Me?” Jocelyn Charles directed the animated video, which was artistically created and conceived alongside longtime Weeknd collaborators Cliqua.

On Friday (July 22), the singer unveiled a surreal animated video for “How Do I Make You Love Me?” that picks up where his “Out of Time” video left off.

In the concluding seconds of the “Out of Time” video, the four-time Grammy winner is in a hospital bed while Jim Carrey, who plays a doctor in an operating room, offers the singer a bronze-colored mask. When the anesthetic wears off, the singer finds himself in a vivid, animated world at the beginning of the “How Do I Make You Love Me?” video.

Check it out below!