Exclusive Interview With Axway, The Artist Behind “Bad Taste” Ft Raziel Rose

Axway continues his inspiring journey with an addictive new single co-written with Séb Mont and titled “Bad Taste,” ft. Raziel Rose, a brilliant follow-up to his previous single, “Superhero.” Displaying the full spectrum of their collective and individual artistic powers while blending several genres into a flawless track, Axway’s “Bad Taste” is a must-hear!

What inspired you to create your new single “Bad Taste”? What’s the message behind it?

Bad Taste was born by a guitar riff inspired by the 70s/80s blues sounds of Eric Clapton, which then evolved into a very rhythmic and fast-paced base in stark contrast to the mainly low key of the blues. The lyrics and topline, written in 4 hands with co-author Seb Mont, also highlight this contrast, being a sad story told in a cheerful key.

Did your surroundings growing-up help you shape your desire to become an artist?

If I am going down this road today, it is mainly thanks to my manager Edoardo, who was the first person to believe in me. Most of all, I have to thank him for transforming the chaos inside me into order so that I could get my first songs out of my little room.

How difficult was it to transition from living in a small village to moving to Turin for your music career? Did you learn any great lessons along the way?

The first difficulties I encountered were the competition and the new dynamics of hierarchies within clubs. Despite this, though, I also learned that such big cities offer you many opportunities. Indeed, I was able to meet the artistic director of a label working with Sony Music, who gave me the opportunity to release my first two songs.

Are you more of a recording artist, a performer or both?

I am definitely more comfortable in the studio; I am an introvert and love to communicate through music. On stage, I feel like I’m playing a character.

What’s the first thing you notice when listening to a new song?

Definitely, unlike most people, the instrumental steals all my attention. I particularly dwell on harmony and the quality of individual sounds, which leads me not entirely to enjoy listening to new songs, especially at concerts.

Would you like to collaborate with other artists, if yes, with whom?

Yes, I love working with artists who can give me something extra! However, this is something that I have matured over the years, as in the beginning, I was very close to collaborations. I would love to work in the future with The Chainsmokers because I think Andrew and Alex are real geniuses in this field; they always create something innovative in the market.

Besides music, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

Beyond music, I love playing soccer and watching it on TV. Moreover, I am a big fan of design, from fashion to cars.

What’s next for Axway?

I am already in the final stages of a new track, which in terms of sound, will be much closer to the house genre, hoping to bring my music to a broader audience. In the long run, I hope to be able to express myself through more art forms besides music, maybe even in design, which I am really passionate about.

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