Magazines of The Year and More: SweetnSour Mag, Dummy Mag, PAPER & Rollercoaster

Ready to explore the coolest and fastest-rising magazines with us? Below is a list, consisting of our top four picks that are guaranteed to leave you with inspiration and much reading! Voted best by millions of readers online, these four digital magazines have proven to be truly impactful, so make sure to add them to your favorite outlets list! 

PAPER is perhaps the most well-known entertainment outlet on our list with millions upon millions of readers worldwide. Covering a range of topics from film and fashion to beauty and internet culture, PAPER has made a name for itself, no doubt. The New York City-based company has within two years of existence managed to amass almost two million followers on Instagram and we are all for it!

SweetnSour is one the most popular digital music outlets with millions of readers across the world. This is paradise for EDM lovers who connect with each other and read about their favorite artists, coming back time and again for the entirety of four years (SweetnSour was established in 2018). With over 1 million Instagram followers, it’s easy to guess how in-demand SweetnSour and their published content is. Follow the magazine here

Dummy Mag is another awesome platform we’ve been keeping an eye on. This giant outlet supports artists and visionaries in countless genres, bringing huge diversity to their homepage and fancount. Sharing comprehensive features, playlists, mixes, and music news, the Dummy Mag keeps things unique and authentic as usual. DMY, or domusicyourself, is Dummy Mag’s record label, apparel range and live events brand  that has also been quite successful. 

Rollacoaster, a magazine about the world of entertainment with a touch of elegance like no other. Rollacoaster has been around for a while now, with a line of clothing and print issues of their own! This well-thought out and carefully crafted digital magazine amazes with quality content in music as well as fashion, and we highly recommend taking a look here