Barbara Teresa Releases A Powerful New Single “Overrated”

With Barbara Teresa’s new song, Overrated, we knew we were in for an adventure with the mix of super distinctive vocals, merged with a melodic and rising percussion background, and trippy artwork. Overrated takes us on a trip of the human condition and a love connection, self-revelation, and personal limits before expanding into a Spanish language modern pop soundscape.

We like how the song is multi-dimensional and multi-lingual, as well as Barbara Teresa’s charm as she provides a sophisticated pop sound with engaging choruses and gorgeous voice production.

When 19-year-old singer/songwriter Barbara Teresa looks back on her music career, she will most likely recall 2022 as the year when creativity took over her life. The chanteuse is approaching the exciting stage of her independent singer-songwriter career in which she will be able to express her musical vision to live audiences.

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