MAR Continues To Shine With Recent Single “QUÉDATE” & Outstanding Live Performances

Latino Pop queen MAR is back from her European tour that introduced international music lovers to her majestic music and incredible aura. The American artist has been showcasing her hypnotic vocals with her debut single “QUÉDATE,” that entertained the audience with a beautifully shot romantic music video. The catchy track gained millions of views and streams in a short period of time, allowing MAR to embark on a promising career in Latin pop. 

MAR started her professional career as a 13-year old model, but she always had her eyes laser-focused on becoming a full-time musician. From the age of six, MAR was already keeping herself busy by learning and mastering various instruments. Her first artistic performance came in 2013 when the talented singer rocked the Honda Arena in Anaheim California and started realizing her true path as a one-of-a-kind talent. MAR has since performed in some of the biggest stages like New York’s Madison Square Garden, Luna Park in Buenos Aires, the Quinta Vergara en Viña del Mar, and more.

Stylistically, MAR has a unique blend of American-inspired pop/r&b and Latino rhythms that derive from her Mexican and Cuban roots. The combination of MAR’s powerful voice, her charismatic presence, and musical prowess allows MAR to take her music to an elite level that is matched only by musical icons. 

MAR is also known to be a fantastic live performer as fans have described her concerts as a memorable experience that’s full of positive highlights. She is now back in the US for another string of shows in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. MAR is an undeniable talent who is destined for greatness if she keeps releasing gems like “QUÉDATE” and sharing her performances all over the world. 

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