Barney Cortez And Rayland Baxter Have Created “Shit River”

Two outstanding artists, Barney Cortez and Rayland Baxter have come together and collaborated on their latest creation “Shit River.” The single is filled with exquisite electric guitar rhythms and the artists’ beautiful vocals.

“Shit River” is a feel-good track that features the artists’ signature style; glistening guitar layers lay an excellent foundation for the catchy melody the pristine and crisp processed vocals provide, along with the chord progression of the synth, maintain the perfect balance of the track’s easy-listening and stimulating experience.

When it comes to composition, Cortez is a bit of a chameleon, and Hullabaloo sees him shifting between periods while maintaining the melodic, hook-driven sound his fans have come to anticipate. From the frenzied title tune to the beautiful and introspective psych rock of “Into The Void,” echoes of 60s folk, early Bowie, grunge, and even shameless pop can be heard (“Protein”).

Rayland Baxter is an American singer/songwriter whose music is both spiritual and earthy, focusing on the ebb and flow of human relationships while wrapped in simple yet evocative melodies and sung in a voice that mirrors the mysteries of life that are the content of his compositions. He initially gained national notoriety when his 2012 debut, Feathers & FishHooks, was republished by, launching a streak of highly lauded albums for the label.

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