“Thor: Love and Thunder,” Almost Had A Kate Bush Experience

It’s safe to say that a 63-year-old recluse British singer-songwriter who hasn’t put out any new album in over ten years and hasn’t even performed live since 2014 is the trendiest and most popular thing in music right now. That is thanks to the hit show “Stranger Things.”

Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale claims that the part in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie that would have featured Kate Bush’s song almost made it into the final cut. 

The film’s director, Taika Watiti, had originally planned to include a dance number that was inspired by Bush before that scene was removed, according to Bale, who portrays the bad guy Gorr the God Butcher in the July 8 release.

In any case, we’re all super excited for the upcoming MCU movie. 

Here’s the trailer: