J.R. Wicker Has Released A New Single Titled “Darkness”

J.R. Wicker has a tale to tell, and like any great singer/songwriter, he tells it best via music. Wicker is from Memphis and has experienced a variety of adversities that would drive anyone insane. Wicker has faced hardships ranging from being held up at gunpoint by a youngster to being robbed of all he owns. Even his job as an ICU nurse provided little relief as the epidemic proved to be extremely taxing on everyone in the medical industry.

All of these occurrences influenced the song “Darkness” that you hear today. Wicker’s voice has an indie quality to it on “Darkness,” which reminds us of Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, Divine Fits), especially when it comes to a peak with the harmonized words “You know they stole the night.” This “guy next door” tone helps “Darkness” stick in your thoughts and will most likely tap into your personal experiences that you have conquered.

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