StevenCharles Brings Sentiments Of Love Into The Surface

The Canadian artist pours his heart and soul over this beautiful romance, a story of love that brings a smile to the face. Listeners are already familiar with StevenCharles’ “Stay”, another love-themed song that is brimming with positivity and joy. With tens of thousands of streams, “Stay” quickly became a staple of the artist’s style and a happy-couple anthem. 

In “Love You Still”, StevenCharles brings on a different angle to his style, experimenting with a bit more melancholic-sounding synths and guitar. Despite this, the song comes across as warm and welcoming as the artist sings “When you feel you’ve lost a fight, I’m here to fight for you,” melting the hearts of countless listeners. There is something pure and sweet about a promise to love someone no matter what they’ve been through, and StevenCharles’ voice makes it even more beautiful!

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