Amy Winehouse Biopic Announced

According to Deadline and Variety, a new Amy Winehouse biopic may finally see the light of day. Back to Black will be directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson (of Nowhere Boy and Fifty Shades of Grey fame) and written by Matt Greenhalgh. Studiocanal, Alison Owen, Debra Hayward, and Tracey Seaward will produce. Back to Black has the backing of the Amy Winehouse Estate, including the late singer’s father Mitchell Winehouse, according to sources.

Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27 in July 2011. Asif Kapadia’s documentary Amy, which was condemned by Mitchell Winehouse yet won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature Film, was released years after her death.

Following Amy‘s popularity, it was announced in 2015 that Irish filmmaker Kristen Sheridan will write and direct a Winehouse biopic starring Noomi Rapace. The Sheridan project never materialized, and it was claimed in 2018 that Alison Owen and Debra Hayward will produce a Winehouse biopic written by Geoff Deane and approved by the Winehouse family. Owen and Hayward will continue to create the updated version of the biopic.

The new biopic is not to be confused with Amy Winehouse – Back to Black, a documentary chronicling the creation of the Back to Black album.