Tanner Massey Makes Hearts Skip With “Break Me”

“Break Me” is American singer Tanner Massey’s debut single release, which makes it all the more impressive with how good it is! “Break Me” is a pop song with more of a classic pop sound, although there are also elements of the more modern mainstream sound in there too. The captivating verses build-up towards the anthemic chorus, which will get inside your head straight away. 

“Break Me” is not only a beautiful song but a great release where we have the calmer moments in which we walk in its progressions until the explosion of an exciting chorus, rich in harmonies and that brings all the potential of a great singer like Tanner Massey and his voice of incomparable melodies.

Tanner has a lovely singing voice, which suits the pop genre well. Make sure you check out his socials below. Tanner Massey dove into the triumph of overcoming one’s anxiety and put that to the song. A reality that many still struggle with as anxiety can be a crippling force for a long time. However, “Break Me” highlights that you can take back the power and stand above the things that try and shatter you into a million little pieces. “Break Me” not only has this victorious feel to it, but it’s a great pop moment that would fare well sandwiched in between the likes of Shawn Mendes and Olivia Rodrigo.

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