LZRD Releases Refreshing New Track “Cold Nights”

LZRD is ready to take the spotlight with his latest release, “Cold Nights.” The talented DJ and producer has released this new banger via KESS Records, the same label responsible for hard-hitting and successful releases from the hottest names in the Dance music world.

With this new release, the DJ and music producer LZRD showcases his signature ‘pop-punk’ style that has made a name for itself receiving support from household names like The Chainsmokers, Tiësto, and Kygo.

“Cold Nights”  is a feel-good track that features LZRD’s signature style; glistening guitar layers lay an excellent foundation for the catchy melody the pristine and crisp processed vocals provide, along with the pop-inspired chord progression of the synth, maintain the perfect balance of the track’s easy-listening and stimulating experience.

The underlying powerful bassline mixes well with the dance-fueled beat filled with snaps, claps, and dynamic rhythmic elements that add to the overall energetic and refreshing vibe. With this new release, LZRD marks the route to making “Cold Nights” and his upcoming releases, new worldwide sensations.

Every new release makes more and more evident why his name is one not to miss.

You may know LZRD from “It’s All on U – T-Mass & LZRD Remix” which has garnered over 67 million streams on Spotify!

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