Introducing Jodi Valentin With Her Latest Single “Why Did I Lose You”

A sweeping, summer pop single, “Why Did I Lose You” builds interest in all the right places with glittering synths, weighted, 80s-esque drums, and a noteworthy hook reminiscent of the stylings created by the exceptional artist Jodi Valentin.

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to Jodi Valentin’s new single, “Why Did I Lose You,” is how sympathetic the lyrics are. They effectively depict the sense of loss we all feel when we break ways with someone we believed was the love of our lives.

The more you think about this individual, the more you wonder what would have happened if you had only hung on a little longer. Perhaps things might have worked out in the end, or perhaps you would have disappointed them. You’ll never know for certain.

You may know Jodi from one of her hit singles “Open Ocean” which has amassed over 630k streams on Spotify!

This is the sort of sound that today’s music requires: something new and thrilling, but not too loud. Jodi sings with assurance, never losing pitch or control. There are just a few vocalists that can sing with her degree of expertise. 

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