In Conversation With Gia Rachelle, The Artist Behind “F.U.S.”

Gia Rachelle’s new single “F.U.S.” is a song that boldly explores depression and anxiety through—contrary to what one may expect—upbeat and playful melody that can lift the mood instead of dwelling on the problem. The talented artist is unafraid to open Pandora’s box and share sincerely with her audience which makes the entire composition down to earth and relatable. The music is well-crafted with minimal emphasis to allow the vocals the room to shine, while the lyrics of course take the lead instantly.

Hi there! We really enjoyed your single and we’d love to ask you some questions about it.

Big congratulations on the release of “F.U.S.”! How has the positive feedback from the single affected you?

Thank you! It’s crazy how many people can relate to the song. I wanted to help people cope with this song and the feedback has definitely helped me in return. I feel like so many of us out there are feeling the same thing. I always say this is like our little anthem.

Tell us about your journey in developing your voice.

Growing up I imitated so many people trying to get people to like my singing voice. Doing that actually would harm my voice sometimes because I wasn’t using it properly or I was using it in a way that wasn’t natural for me. I would say when I was around 10 or 11 years old, I began looking up tons of youtube videos with vocal warmups, scales, runs, anything that would work out my voice in a good way. I was also in school choirs and that helped a ton surprisingly. Even though it was all pretty much classical music, I took voice lessons through my school choir for one semester and was able to learn how to take care of my voice properly when I would do regionals and recitals. After I graduated high school I didn’t want to lose the skills I had gained, so I just continued singing and I think that was key for me. I never stopped.

You seem to have a clear vision and artistic style. How has your style improved throughout your career?

My style, to me, seemed to be kind of foggy when I looked back a few years ago. I was just trying things that I saw worked for other artists and experimenting, which isn’t a bad thing at all, but once I became comfortable with my singing voice and knew my limits, I knew exactly where I fell as an artist. I’ve become a much better artist and my music sounds more like me than it ever has.

As someone who has dabbled in pop and r&b, would you ever consider other genres?

I’m not gonna say I would never cross into another genre at some point. It sounds pretty cool to do something different. I’m not sure what it would be, but I’m always open to new sounds.

Do you have artistic influences outside of music?

Yes! I was a dancer in high school and loved it. I watch so many dance shows to this day. I feel so much from watching people dance. It just brings out a lot of emotions in me and I get so invested in people’s stories. It truly inspires me, much like music does.

How do you think your environment has influenced your music?

I can be very open with my lyrics and that’s not something I gotta do all of the time growing up. I think that’s what makes me share so much in my songs. I also grew up listening to a ton of r&b music and that had a huge impact on me, so I found my style and voice through those things.

When did you become aware of your talents as a musician and when did you decide to pursue it?

From a pretty young age, I don’t think I was necessarily aware of my talents, but I just knew I had a passion for writing and singing. Around 4th grade I performed in a school talent show and that gave me the reassurance I needed. From there I focused on being nothing but an artist and would tell all of my family and friends that that’s what I was going to be. They would always want me to have a plan B but I’m way too stubborn and knew there was nothing else in the world I’d rather do.

What is your ultimate goal with music?

My goal is to unite people. I want my audience to feel like they are all different people, but the same at the end of the day. No matter what we go through, no matter what we’re feeling, we’re all people. I just want to spread love and bring people together for good.

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