Brooklyn-Based Alt-Pop Artist Ari Abdul Releases Her Infectious New Single “Taste”

The new release of Brooklyn-based Ari Abdul lets the room temperature drop. Creating a dark, intense, and somewhat surreal atmosphere, the track somehow manages to transmit this Oddworld-ish feel as if the listener didn’t really belong. There’s this half-awake vibe present that gives you chills as you get addicted to its calm and lush vocals of Abdul.

Ari Abdul gives strong Paramore vibes with her vocals. The chorus is super catchy, and her vocal delivery will have you wanting more. The minimal, alt backtrack allows the vocals to shine. 

You may know Ari Abdul from one of his hits “BABYDOLL” which has amassed over 15 million streams on Spotify. 

The melodies accompanying the voices sound both exotic and familiar, hot and cold, alluring and borderline uncomfortable. You’ve got to appreciate this unique combination of crystalline components that are released into the vacuum, resulting in a dream-like frame of mind. This captivating musical texture, along with a continuous throbbing pace, will captivate you once heard. The amazing performance of the singer/songwriter does the rest.

You can find Ari Abdul on Spotify | Youtube