Premiere: Rhythm & Dance Diva Alice The G00N Unveils A New Sonic Wonder Titled “Go”

Alice The G00N has been creating substantial heat despite her newly launched career by dropping three outstanding singles in 2022, the latest being the infectious song “Go.” An innovative artist on a perpetual quest for introducing new soundscapes to her music, Alice The G00N delights fans with a truly unique and deep piece that’s bound to blaze a trail of attention worldwide. 

After the release of her debut single “Who Do You Love?” Alice The G00N has been sweeping up the dance music scene with her unusually mixed and original art that has already attracted tens of thousands of listeners in a short time-span. Her second release “Lucky”, which arrived soon after the debut, unveiled new facets of Alice’s incredible creativity. Both singles have been highly successful, reaching hundreds of thousands of plays on major digital platforms. 

As for “Go,” what strikes instantly is the top-notch musical skills flawlessly executed in a way that inspires the listener to think for themselves and make the decision to “go”. A world-class song that starts-off with a catchy chorus that goes, “You’re turning in nothing but black roses / Digging through those empty choices,” this piece is filled with 60’s soul-inspired sounds and disco synths that give the track its signature Alice The G00N stamp. 

The artist got her artist name through years of martial arts training when her sparring partners would often call her ‘the goon’ for her relentless grittiness and determination—values she has successfully translated into her musical career. An original creator, Alice The G00N takes inspiration from various odd places including classic films, first generation video games and tv shows. Her music takes the listener into a different world where nostalgia and futurism intertwine subtly—yet another sign of this artist’s greatness. 

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