Euphoria Actress Sydney Sweeney Shines in Vogue Hong Kong

American actress Sydney Sweeney, who is most well known for her role in the Hulu series “Euphoria,” is now making waves with the drop of her feature on the cover of Vogue Hong Kong Magazine’s July 2022 issue.  

With regards to style, the person in charge of this collaboration was Dena Giannini, while the production team also included Alexey Galetskiy of AGPNYC, Serie Yoon of 360PM, Nicholas Des Jardins of Streeters for the set design, Jill Demling of Creative Casting Agency for casting direction, Rob Talty, a hairstylist at Forward Artists, Melissa Hernandez, a makeup artist at The Wall Group, and Zola Ganzorigt, a manicurist at The Wall Group. 

Sydney is sporting a few pieces from the Adidas x Gucci Collection on the covers, along with jewelry from none other than Messika Paris.