EDVANZD Opens Up About New Single “Tha Bounce”

EDVANZD just dropped a new single called “That Bounce”, shushing the hip-hop scene and turning everyone’s curious gaze at the artist. With powerful beats and well-crafted lyrics, the song will take over the listeners’ full attention, so make sure to check it out below! We’ve had the rare opportunity to sit down with EDVANZD and hear more about his journey in music as well as the latest single “Tha Bounce” that’s getting much attention from fans. 

“Tha Bounce” is a beautifully balanced hip-hop creation. Tell us a bit about how you came up with it and what is the hidden message of the single. 

Thank you. I appreciate the acknowledgement. The past two years have been such a rollercoaster of energy shifts in this world; be it  politically, economically, culturally or spiritually. It’s as though life has become a mirror  for everyone. No longer can we (nor should we) continue to lie to ourselves about the  truths that we see when we peer into the mirror. We are constantly bombarded from  every source with ‘strong opinions’ masquerading as THE truth that the only way to maintain sanity is to be true to self. Tha Bounce strips away the masks that we as  performers (and a society) wear and reveals some ugly truths about the perils of losing  one’s self in the pursuit of relevancy and self-righteousness. 

We loved the music video for this song! Who worked on it? Why did you decide to go with the black and white tones? 

I assembled an amazing team of talented creatives! I wanted to ensure that I enlisted local artists as well as close associates that I knew would see my vision and bring it to fruition. It was very important that I collaborated with people within my circles that were capable of executing a project at such a high level, instead of seeking means elsewhere; especially when I had the  goods right in-house, so to speak. Julius Conway did an excellent job as director and my childhood friend, Alicia Sunshine choreographed a poetically, expressive routine. However, I could not have done any of this without my life partner, my beautiful wife, Shyla Génair, who not only produced it with me, but wore many other hats.  

The black and white motif represents a contrasting juxtaposition between a few things: reality  vs the fiction we create, good vs evil, right vs wrong, etc, and how they all correlate to one another on the opposite sides of a very fine line.  

So far out of your releases, which one is the closest to your heart and why? 

Next to the newborn my wife and I just had, “Tha Bounce” is definitely my baby. It has so many  layers and meanings that I hope everyone can appreciate upon multiple listens and views. I love  creating multi-tiered art. 

You’ve performed on stage at a young age and got awarded with an NAACP! Tell us about  this experience.  

This was definitely an honor and helped me kickstart my career. You always want to be credited  for the work you do, especially when you put your heart and soul into a piece of art that  someone has entrusted you to handle with care.

What kind of work is EdVanzd Media focusing on now? 

As of now, musically as I finish up my album, production of short films, features and  documentaries… and whatever else God has in store for us. 

What was it like creating a documentary film (Target: St. Louis, Vol. 1) that went on to receive lots of praise? 

It was amazing to uncover an ugly and untold truth in our timeline. Every time we shed light on  the dark, we bring ourselves closer to true liberation. 

What is the ultimate goal for EDVANZD in music and art in general? 

To progress my people forward through my God-given talents which dwell in the entertainment  medium. 

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