Pete Doherty says The Libertines will record a new album in Jamaica

Pete Doherty has revealed that The Libertines want to record a new album in Jamaica. Doherty revealed in a recent interview with The Guardian that he is on good terms with bandmate Carl Barât and that they intend to work on the follow-up to their 2015 LP “Anthems For Doomed Youth” overseas.

He said: “We still feel there’s unfinished business and there are more songs to write. But he [Barât] doesn’t want to do it in England, or in France, which he sees as my turf. So the plan is to go to Jamaica and try to make another Libertines record.”

Doherty gave NME an update on The Libertines’ long-awaited new album in January. When he previously spoke to NME about the new work in 2019, he described it as an eclectic combination of sounds akin to The Clash’s “Sandinista.”

“That’s still the format that we’re talking about,” he recently said. “At the end of the tour we did that ended last month, everyone was really upbeat by the fact that we were all still alive after the various quarantines and John coming and going. We were all really upbeat about the future, so I don’t know how or when it’s going to happen but I think it will. ‘Sandinista’ still encapsulates it because there are still a lot of ideas. It’s just about getting everyone in a room and getting on with it.”

This year, The Libertines are commemorating the 20th anniversary of their 2002 first album ‘Up The Bracket’ with a series of performances in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh.