Estella Dawn Presents Her Latest Track “Orange”

Pop artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Estella Dawn unleashes “Orange” into the wild with a strange bassy atmosphere and a distinct type of rhythm. “Orange” conveys laid-back guitars that meet relaxing rhythms, an expressive piano, and a sophisticated handcrafted bass, the stage is set for those soulful vocals.

“Orange” already has hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone! Estella Dawn is also known for “Buzzcut,” “Pretty,” and “Petty” – each of these tunes has amassed over 200k streams on Spotify!

Estella Dawn not only has a creative vision, but she also translates that idea into a cohesive, fully completed single. Her songs are typically about empowerment and confidence, and they cross genres, displaying the artist’s aptitude and range of creative expression. Estella is on a mission to live her best life while also creating music that inspires others to do the same. Keep a close eye on Estella Dawn; she has a deep creative well from which to draw.

You can find Estella Dawn on Instagram | Youtube | Spotify