SOHLO Drops A New Single Titled “After Love”

Toronto, ON-based alternative producer, SOHLO has shared a new track “After Love,” following his previous single release, “Libertine“. “After Love” is from the EP, also named, After Love, and is an opus of electronic alt-rock with cascading choruses, glam rock guitar riffs, and a thick hip-hop groove. It’s the perfect example of SOHLO’s musical style, tip-toeing between different genres with complexity and grace.

SOHLO, who was born and raised in Toronto, ON, is an independent musician who has been producing his own music since 2015. SOHLO has been surrounded by music since he was a child. His father was the lead singer in a band and would play demo recordings for him while driving about in his old beat-up bandwagon. It was here that his love of music blossomed. In high school, he took that idea and began performing music with his friends, where he developed his voice as an artist.

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