Exclusive Interview With The Explosive Duo Behind NO GOOD ENT

Fast-rising West Coast rappers NO GOOD ENT have been making the headlines in hip-hop with their authentic yet controversial music. The duo have released the music video for the song “Bob Saget” and to top it off, the pair decided to drop their album as well, which is called Mean Music. We had the chance to chat with them about their latest releases and much more!

Tell us more about how you met as a duo and what sparked your desire to collaborate?

We met in middle school. We both had a lot in common, including music. We are both musicians. In high school we used to mess around at studios and what not and rap in the car like just about everybody does lol. However, we did not spark a serious interest in rapping until we were around 21. We have known each other for over 10 years and we’ve collabed on everything so when it came to taking music seriously as artists it wasn’t hard to do.

What inspired you to record this album?

We would more so call these projects mixtapes. We’ve gained a pretty strong fan base since we came on the scene in 2020 from just singles alone so we dropped our first project “Ignorant Music” in September 2021 which was actually supposed to be followed by a deluxe. We have a pet peeve for old music so we just decided to scratch the whole idea and come with a whole new project with all new music. We are also super impulsive with decision making which is why we stayed independent. We need to have complete creative control because it’s 2 of us which means 2 brains flying with double the ideas all the time. The mixtape Mean Music came about from the tracks. We don’t think too deep, we just call it what it is or what others call it while they hear us recording.

Any exciting behind-the-scenes fun moments from the music video shoot you’d like to share with our audience?

The video shoot was in San Francisco, CA which means it was super windy. We had to make revisions scene by scene on facetime with our cameraman just to make sure we didn’t look silly. The wind had us looking mainey. It was also funny trying to get scenes in front of a tourist location with constant traffic coming to take pictures in front of the house. The drone scene was the most fun to shoot. It was our first time getting a drone shot in one of our videos and we always get stopped and asked lots of questions when shooting in public places. The least expected people actually enjoy the outrageous music we make.

Are you more the recording artists type or performers, or both?

We are both. We can pretty much make anything and also make it sound good. We can also move any crowd. We haven’t actually done any shows yet as NO GOOD ENT but we used to throw parties and party every week. We are always the main characters in any setting we are in. If you want to see an idea of what that looks like, just go watch our music video for “Reported”. That was shot on the Las Vegas strip mid pandemic. We came so crazy security didn’t even shut us down. We will show you some BTS footage also. What we did has never been done and hasn’t been done again. It was the right place, right time kind of thing.

What are some of the most memorable moments you’ve experienced as artists?

All the milestones we’ve crossed and learning from harsh experiences. Going viral for the first time, first major feature, first label email, first big artist reaching out, etc. Those things you never forget. But i think the biggest thing is all the money we have invested lmao. Being independent is not cheap.

We’ve noticed that you enjoy mixing up several moods and styles in your music, how would you define your own specific urban sub-genre?

We would think of it as lifestyle rap, our music just has that genuine feel to it. We just want to lift the people with relatable feel good music, you feel me? There’s so much negativity in the world these days we just want to lighten the mood, you know? Make people feel good.

What is your favorite song of the moment?

Mari Peso: My favorite song right now is probably Escape Pod by us. I can’t even explain why you just gotta listen.

President Bandz: Idk I like anything with Mari Peso on it or his solo songs. Off of Mean Music I fw Clifford, Black Air Force Activity, and Clumsy just because I came crazy.

What artists have influenced you the most? 

We have different artists that influenced us and different ones that inspired us. There is a big difference. I’d say Lil Wayne & Kanye for Mari Peso then for President Bandz, Waka Flocka and Soulja Boy personally influenced us. But as far as the two of us, I would say the migos, bandgang, rae sremmurd, teejayx6 & kasher quon… those are probably the ones who inspired us the most.