Listen To Beabadoobee’s New Single “Lovesong”

Beabadoobee has released a new single titled “Lovesong.” The beautiful, sentimental track is the latest teaser from the Dirty Hit signee’s upcoming second album “Beatopia,” which will be released on July 15.

“I missed the train again/ I called your name/ As if you’d drive it back/ I swear you’re in my head/ Throughout the day/ I can say that for a fact,” Bea sings in the chorus over acoustic guitar, keys, and swelling strings.

In a statement, the singer-songwriter explained, “‘Lovesong’ is a song that I had bits written for since my second ever EP. The chorus was actually already written since ‘Loveworm’ [2019], I just didn’t have any chords to sing it with.

“It’s actually written in a really strange tuning that I forget. And, yeah, it’s just another sweet love song. It was one of the last songs I recorded for ‘Beatopia’.”