Chloe Styler Releases A Delightful Country Pop Tune “Girlfriend”

Talented singer/songwriter Chloe Styler released a delightful single titled “Girlfriend,” co-produced by Andy Mak and co-written with Sarah Buckley (The Buckleys). “Girlfriend” is a homage to modern dating’s difficulties, as Chloe discovers the dating world isn’t for her. The song evokes the obvious sense of empowerment that comes from honest self-reflection and acceptance. Furthermore, “Girlfriend” features a relationship-centered tale, a catchy tune, and earworm vocals that will appeal to lovers of Vera Blue, Maggie Rogers, and Kacey Musgraves. The soulful tune also features thudding percussion and guitar-laden accompaniment with a modern Country-pop vibe.

“Girlfriend” is the third of Styler’s three singles released this year, following “Loving You” and “Where We Stand.” Styler has previously supported Lee Kernaghan, Troy Cassar-Daley, and Fanny Lumsden, and her prior recordings have reached the Country Hot 50 Chart (AUS). She was also scheduled to perform at CMA Fest in Nashville in 2020 until it was canceled due to Covid.

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