the impliers Have Released A New Track Titled “Lightning”

Psychedelic alternative/indie duo the impliers dropped a new single “Lightning.” Dan and Charles are emerging from the Denver underground, riding a tsunami of sound made up of oddly tuned guitars, layered synthesizers, electronic rhythms, pounding bass, and sophisticated Beach Boys-level vocal harmonies. An indie-rock duo founded at the age of 15 with a bold desire to push the boundaries of alternately tuned guitars, textured synths, electronic beats, rubbery bass, and complex Beach Boys-esque harmonies, lushly textured soundscapes, atonal riffs, twitchy funk, and sublime melodicism. 

As impliers, they offer a unique blend of art/pop/noir surrealism to modern music; they infuse modern music with art/pop/noir surrealism. Songs go on unexpected excursions, and their compositions are painstakingly layered, necessitating numerous listens to properly appreciate the magnificence of their carefully constructed soundscapes.

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