Meg Mac Flirts With Danger On Her Gorgeous New Single “Only Love”

Meg Mac has released her third new single, “Only Love,” following her comeback to music earlier this year after a nearly three-year break.

The song is a stunning alt-pop piece with a tinge of country, and it is soaring and theatrical in scale, as is all of Mac’s new work. Lyrically, the song discusses heartbreak, but from the standpoint of never regretting what has happened, even if it has resulted in agony. “Would I do it again? / Oh yes I’d do it again / At the end of the day / It’ll hurt just the same,” she sings.

“It feels like my calling, my purpose, my happiness but it’s driving me crazy and the root of all my troubles,” Mac says. “How can it be the source of my best and worst moments?”

The song is accompanied by a cinematic video made by Tim Georgeson. It is shown in monochrome and depicts Mac in the midst of a figurative and literal journey, roaming across a seemingly unending outback landscape in search of an identity.  According to a press release, it puts her in pursuit of “a mystic figure symbolising everything that is just out of reach, everything that you desire [and] everything that you are not”.

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