Singer-Songwriter Hazeline Taffe Talks Spirituality, Faith & Enlightenment In Exclusive Interview

Canadian singer-songwriter of Jamaica descent Hazeline Taffe is one of these talented artists for whom music comes from a deeper place of the self and soul, reflecting her quest for healing and unity. 

Over the years, she has become a master at creating a fusion between gospel and R&B. She has released several albums with songs of hope, an inspiring project in which pain, change and hope intertwined in order to help herself and others overcome the past and enter the future with grace and vision. Her latest album is titled The Holy Awakening and beautifully aligns with her previously released songs. 

Your latest album release The Holy Awakening has a different essence than previous albums.

Can you tell us more about it?

The Holy Awakening touches on several themes which speak to spiritual change, social change and humanitarian change. Themes such as; hope, grace, faith, truth, redemption, healing, honor, and salvation. These themes are connected in a way as it relates to human experiences and intersectionality that individuals encounter in their lives. The Album is an awakening and enlightening through the writer’s voice, you can see how she expressed her innermost thoughts through her poetry and affirmation to God. Then further touching on several biblical truths as a way to inspire her listeners. 

How did you come up with your approach to writing and making music?

The creation style and methods come from my own personal experiences and connections. I formulated all those lived experiences into words and created my own unique sonic creation. I have used a series of different approaches; some from research, imagination, education and human experience. But for the most parts, I just go with what I hear in my head and work around that. That’s what works for me. 

Who would be some of your biggest musical and non-musical inspirations?

Growing up, I have always been a fan of Michael Bolton, Michael Jackson, and Kenny Rogers. “Their music is like food to the soul”. Music that really sticks to you even after years, that’s what truly makes an artist great! Non- musical inspiration, I would definitely say my mother, she is one of my motivations for my sonic creation because of her illness, struggle and battle that both of us face during that difficult time. One other figure, the great Martin Luther King Jr. 

What is your ultimate goal with making music?

Truly to inspire change in the lives of individuals and the world. My music came when I was not looking for music. It came in a difficult time in my life, having to gone through lost of my daughter, and mother to cancer. These events were what led to the beginning of my musical journey; and it has led me to create some beautiful, uplifting, and inspirational songs. So, the only thing I can truly say, let see where it leads. 

Have you dabbled or experimented with different genres?  

Yes, I have done a few songs from different genres such: reggae, pop, classic and R&B. Like I mentioned before, I go with the sound I am hearing and write my lyrics suitable for that sound. 

What is your favorite musical memory so far in your career?  

My favorite musical memory so far in my career is being able to share my music with the public and having my children involved in my project(s). They have been a little gem in my journey because at times they give me ideas which have allowed the creation of some songs that have not yet been released.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? 

Can I really say, Yes and no at the same time? But what I will say, “anything is possible”, just keep working to aspire to those goals, some people call it dreams; I called it both. Just as long as you are doing what is in you to do, I see greatness.

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