You Can Now Stream To XYLØ’s New Single “sugar free rush”

XYLØ returns with the third track from her upcoming album unamerican beauty, “sugar free rush.” The track is as addicting and mood-boosting as its subject matter, and it is likely to pique the interest of anybody who listens in.

“sugar free rush,” which explores themes of self-discovery and feeling like an outcast, is an experience that all pop music fans should seek out. After a victorious opening with an abundance of string instruments, the mood swiftly shifts to a sound that is more bass-boosted, low, and intimate.  It’s the exciting sensation of not holding back and being eager to do anything for the rush of diverse feelings. XYLØ  uses a sensual tone to express the numerous wants that come with experiencing free love, providing a wonderful anthem to establish any desired atmosphere.
XYLØ can be found on Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube.